This site is not dead, I promise. It's just that life gets in the way of things. This entry was just hiding in a corner of my brain waiting to be posted. And is really quite appropriate because I would use it in the context of this situation. This magic phrase is “Ee-ao xiu”.

Okay, the romanisation is probably very wrong, but that's how it's said in my household. It is usually used as an expression of incredulous-ness, but not in a positive sense. Let's use it in a sentence.

“Eh, do you know now cannot bring laptop into US on international flights?”

“Ee-ao xiu, like that also can ah?”

According to my dad, it actually literally translates to ‘Slim waist’ in Chinese, which implies that one will have a short life? So you wouldn't use it for something positive. At least, I've never heard it in that context. I honestly don't know how to verify this, maybe the next time I go back to Penang I will ask more people about the use of this phrase.

Again, this might make more sense if you listen to the audio. Hopefully. 👇







Hear the Penang Hokkien audio version:


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